It's what's on the inside that counts... (New label designs!)

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... although they do say you eat with your eyes! We certainly don't neglect aesthetic at AHO, but we are set on our priorities: providing you with deliciously crispy crackers made from high quality organic, sprouted grains which are packed in plastic-free and compostable bags. Time to show you what's on the INSIDE

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A design change is always a bold decision for a company to make. The colours and shape of the packaging create a recognition value and all information about the product is conveyed. That is why we, especially our hard-working designer Johann Schröder, have been working on a new design for a long time in order to be able to convey the values ​​of AHO even better to you with the help of the design.

From inside out, from outside in: the spiral

We've opted for a spiral to be the the overarching feature of future AHO packaging designs. This symbol is very diverse and meaningful.

Historically it was an ancient symbol of the Celts. It embodies something like the “ journey from ones inner life to the outer soul ”. This is linked to growth, development and energy all at the same time.

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These values fit AHO perfectly. We want to grow and develop with you . We want to develop sustainable products. We want to provide you with energy through healthy food.

In Ireland the spiral also embodies the sun. Did you know that our first attempts at making crackers were in Latin America where we dried them in the sun?

But it's not just humans who create and give meaning to spirals. Spirals are around and even in us everywhere we look! They are present both in the macrocosm (in our spiral galaxy, in the paths of the planets etc.) and in the microcosm (DNA, snail shells, plant alignments).

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Depending on the orientation of the spiral, it can wander from the core into the infinite or come to an end from there. It is the beginning and the end at the same time and thus reminds us of life, its transience and the importance of using every day.

Inner values brought out: the contents

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So that you can better understand what is actually in our products, we have moved away from our previous design which had a serving suggestion.

We'd much rather communicate what great ingredients we use. This allows you to see at first glance what to expect and we leave you free to decide how and when to eat our crackers.

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For this reason you can now find pictures of turmeric, onions, chilli peppers and garlic on our AHO curry cracker packaging, for example.

With the nature crackers, we wanted to represent the plants from which our raw materials are made. So you see heads of the red grain spelt from Oberkulmer, flaxseed blossoms and sunflowers, from which sprouts emerge and ultimately form our AHO crackers.

In the case of pizza, we opted for images of tomatoes, basil, onions and rosemary.

Of course we can't show all the ingredients, because a certain visual aesthetic is important and too much would overwhelm the senses.

The special thing about the AHO spiral is: the colours used are taken from the ingredients using a colour matching tool. We rely on colourful naturalness and hope that you like the new design!

Our taster bundle will give you all the new designs at once. What do you think of them? Write to us on our social media channels. We look forward to your comments and suggestions!

*The blog entry was created with the help of Chantal Bode.

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