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Süntelblatt AHO.BIO GmbH Local Superfood – Produced in FlegessenThe local newspaper from Flegessen, Hasperde and Klein Süntel puts AHO on its the front page as the first startup company in the village community.

The three villages of Flegessen, Hasperde and Klein Süntel have teamed up to realise their visions for the future: joint projects such as the solidarity village organic store, the self-managed newspaper "Süntelblatt" and the non-profit "Ideas Workshop" have one goal: creating a sustainable design for their rural areas away from the urban world that will be suitable for their grandchildren.

Flegessen, Hasperde and Klein Süntel (FHKS) want to shift cultural changes in the direction of resource conservation and "real sustainability". This can be achieved in a decentralised manner from bottom-up, i.e with society taking the first steps and creating a new demand. FHKS does not want to be an isolated eco-village bubble, but rather, to work with the rest of the population to improve the overall social environment and make it sustainable for future generations.

In order to be ecologically but also economically viable as a decentralised community in the long term, not only volunteer projects but also new companies and startups are needed. Only through new business models can jobs and financial income sources be created which are no longer dependent on the city .

If every villager in Germany has to commute to the city by car every day to be able to make a living, that's anything but ecological, sustainable, or suitable for our future generations.

That's where we step into the picture...

Jannis Birth verpackt die Rohkostcracker von AHOJannis packs and seals our raw food crackers in the compostable bags.

We want to take the risk and found a food startup in the village

We live in a secluded house in the forest and are surrounded by the beautiful Süntel. We love the Weser Uplands, the small stream near our house and we want to be closer to nature together. We moved away from Hanover, the capital of Lower Saxony, in order to create a life that we consider to be worth living in in the long term. For us it is nature that nourishes us. The clear starry sky, which sparkles lovingly over us. The cool water that flows slowly down the mountain through the forest into the village. The extremely fresh and invigorating air that pulls through the beech and birch trees. And the direct contact with the earth and the loose forest floor.

We love our adopted home. Nevertheless, in the first year we had to commute to Hanover every day, sit there in the office and spend hours every month on the train. This only made us perceive the stark contrast between everyday urban life and the rural idyll more and more.

AHO.BIO GmbH in Flegessen Zum Pfingster 3The AHO production facility in Flegessen: off to Pfingstanger 3!

Now everything has changed!

With AHO we are founding a food startup and are taking on the risks bound up with new businesses. We want to create decentralised jobs in FHKS, as well as an online shop for local superfoods. To top it all off, we want to do everything ourselves by hand.

Of course, large corporations to tend to dominate the supermarket food industry. But with our ideals and dedication we can create products that express real values.

On the 02.02.2020 we are opening the doors of AHO to all of those interested in taking part in our foundation ceremony in Flegessen.

An article was written in the local newspaper "Süntelblatt" about the establishment of AHO.BIO GmbH. With this article I would like to close this celebratory blog entry:

Süntelblatt AHO.BIO GmbH Lokales Superfood – Hergestellt in Flegessen

Local Superfood – Produced in Flegessen

Soon available in the Klein Süntel shop: AHO crackers made from ancient sprouted grains from the new company AHO.BIO GmbH in Flegessen.

Haven't you heard? A new food company has started up in Flegessen with the idea of ​​producing and selling regional superfoods. The young team behind AHO come from Klein Süntel and only moved to Villa Frohsinn a year ago. Alexander Wies, Jannis Birth, Laura Guzmán and Johann Schröder have been making homemade crackers from dehydrated sprouted spelt for 3 years now.

They were inspired by a long tradition which came from the Mediterranean region, where sprouted cereal porridge was dried in the sun to make crispy flat bread - bread's ancestor, so to speak. The process of making such an original bread is nothing like the one we're used to today. There is no need for flour, baking additives, sourdough or an oven. The cracker is made using exclusively German ingredients. The freshly sprouted ancient grain, the soaked seeds and some rock salt are processed into a kind of cereal porridge, which is spread out thinly on trays and dried in the dehydrator at 42 ° C for many hours. The finished cracker is light, crunchy, and super tasty. They are easily digestible and have a long shelf life.

DThe four have always shared their enthusiasm for healthy eating. As a 19-year-old, Jannis dealt intensively with nutrition during his sports studies. During this time he was already preparing the first sprouted crackers in the dehydrator. Many flavors have been developed from the original crackers. This enabled the four nutrition enthusiasts to inspire their friends and acquaintances.

Many who were allowed to try the cracker expressed the wish that the four cracker bakers should venture into the market. You accepted this proposal. This is how the AHO project came about. The team already took part in the Startup Impuls competition in 2017. This was initiated by the Hanover Region Economic Development Agency. There, too, there was great enthusiasm for the superfood made from regional ingredients.

Finding a production site in Hanover was anything but easy. Only after the group moved to Klein Süntel in 2018 did the hope of building a production facility for their crackers arise here. And that's how it came about: The young founders are now renting the commercial space at Zum Pfingstanger 3 in Flegessen, which is only a few houses away from the Süntellinchen.

And it is precisely there in the village shop that the germinated crackers will soon make their debut to celebrate. The official start of sales begins as soon as the GmbH has been founded. The plan is to have the crackers available for purchase in the Süntell early in February on the 2nd, 2020. AHO.BIO GmbH is founded by managing director Alexander Wies. The tree cracker flavours are currently being planned and tested. At the moment, it's looking like: nature, curry and pizza.

You can find out more about the young founding team and the AHO products on the website www.aho.bio. If you want to have a read of and look at more current information and stories, you can follow AHO on their Instagram channel @ AHO.BIO or like them on their official page at Facebook.com/AHOCracker.

Verkaufsstart AHO Raw Cracker im Süntellädchen in FlegessenOfficial sales start of the AHO Raw Cracker in the Süntellädchen - the organic regional member shop of Flegessen, Hasperde and Klein Süntel.

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