Raw Carrot Dip in 3 Minuten

At AHO we love our dips! That's because they make the perfect accompaniment to our AHO Crackers. Dips are also generally a great way of providing your body with a whole range or incredible nutrients in one concentrated form.

For this reason we'd like to share our favourite super-simple, nutrient-packed raw vegan carrot dip!

Möhre vegan dip nachhaltig selbstgemacht

With just a few ingredients and very little preparation, you'll have a tasty side for your AHO crackers.


  • 6-7 Medium-sized carrots
  • 50ml Extra vergin olive oil
  • 1 Tbsp Salt (stone rock salt)
  • Herbs of your choice

Rezept vegan Möhre karotte ursalz bio selbstgemacht startup gesund diy Rezept

What else you'll need:

- a robust blender

- something tasty to dunk in your dip

The hardest part is chopping the carrots up before putting them into the blender so as to make the process a bit easier. The rest is easy sailing. (Don't forget to wash your carrots first!)

Möhren vegan Rezept karotte

Put the rest of the ingredients into the blender and it'll do the rest for you. We seasoned our dip using Italian herbs and spices, but you can get creative and throw in whatever spices you like.

mixer vegan Möhre Rezept diy

We'd recommend using the dip up as soon as possible since it doesn't have so much oil and therefore won't hold for as long. It'll keep for about 2-3 days in the fridge but it tastes best when eaten fresh! Especially if you try it with a few of our AHO Crackers which make for the ultimate snack combo.

essen genießen aho dip lecker vegan startup Natur nachhaltig

Share this recipe with your friends and enjoy a healthy snack together! We promise you won't feel sluggish or bloated afterwards, but rather satiated and energised! Let’s dip, baby!


  • Sehr günstig und einfach nach gemacht! Ich hatte dafür direkt einfach alles zu Hause. Danke!

    Lisa Henris
  • Mit gekochten Möhren auch gut :-)


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