A small local company doing their part for global sustainability - why AHO plants trees

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now” - a quote from Uganda

Whether on the roadside, in our own garden or in the forest - we are somehow always surrounded by trees. Unfortunately, the green catalysts of our environment are growing fewer and fewer in numbers and we're the ones letting it happen. The AHO team planted fruit trees on the 1 hectare forest property of the business founder's house, so that an edible “food forest” can arise in the long term.

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Climate protection is not a private matter

The discussion about the whole of climate change is getting bigger and bigger. More and more people are giving up meat, flying by plane, plastic and driving a car. And the others? Well, they think the whole situation is exaggerated. They smile at Greta Thunberg, and even the WDR doesn't shy away from it. “Next time take the plane,” it says inan article from last year. But where is it all going to lead when only a few individuals are interested in the development of our planet?

We at AHO * think: Climate protection is not a private matter. An environmentally friendly lifestyle is not for self profit, but for the planet and all the inhabitants, who rely on it. Accordingly, it is not just up to us to question our consumption and the way in which we do business. Collectives such as states and countries are also part of this important task. This also applies to companies and clubs - including AHO.

Taking global responsibility as a local company

AHO.BIO GmbH recognises corporate responsibility in the globalised economy and responds with local superfood alternatives. Our goal is not only to meet (or even exceed) our customers' expectations, but also to do so in a way that does not harm our diverse blue planet.

It goes without saying that we source the raw materials for our crackers as locally, socially and ecologically as possible. In this way we try to reduce emissions to a minimum. But it doesn't stop with golden flax seeds from the organic farmers just around the corner. Compostable packaging, second-hand dehydrators and gentle handwork help keep our footprint as small as possible. It is important to us that every step we take as a company goes hand in hand with the earth and the protection of nature. But we even go beyond sustainable production steps.

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Bäume pflanzen als aktiver Klimaschutz

Of course, by avoiding plastic and similar environmentally harmful resources and avoiding long transport routes, we can make a passive contribution to climate protection. But that's not enough! We would like to actively participate in making the world greener in the truest sense of the word - we are planting trees.

*This blog entry was created with the help of Chantal Bode.

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