How we built our first 7m tipi

We built a giant 7m tipi in Spain - our steps towards a more traditional way of life in nature.

It has always been a dream of ours to build a 7m tall tipi in Spain. On our travels through the continents of America we found this wonderful structure built in several places. The tipi is one of the oldest and most original accommodations that people have built for themselves in various areas of the American continent. Whether made of cotton, palm leaves or animal leather, it is an ancient tradition of the indigenous peoples of America. We at Armonia are interested in reviving old lost traditions in our modern world. For us, the tipi is just the ultimate living room. We meet there to make a fire and to eat, make music and dance together.

Sometimes we cannot believe that we actually made it. Although the work of cutting trees and fabric making was outsourced, it was a difficult task. The cotton fabric weighs around 30 kilograms and had to be delivered to us. The eucalyptus tree trunks were also delivered from a region in the mountains.

What we have done to make this possible can be seen here in our video series.

1. Delivery of the tipi trunks

2. Peeling all 12 teepee trunks

3. Preparing the tipi spot

4. Setting up the tipi–tripod

5. Setting up the 12 tipi–sticks


So far so good!

There still a few more things to be done. For example the two rods for the so-called "smoke flaps". This is the name for the two rods with which you close and open the smoke outlet at the top. And last but not least, we have the inner tent. The so-called "liner", which lines the interior like an inner wall.

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  • Danke für die privaten Einblicke. Ich habe selbst mal in einem Tipi übernachten dürfen und war von der Atmosphäre sehr angetan :)

    Paul E.

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