Make your own dried hemp kale chips

Kale is currently in season. At the weekly market you get freshly harvested kale straight from the field. In this post I'll show you how to make your very own superfood snack using locally-grown kale Hulled hemp seeds. The recipe is super simple and quick to make!

Hanfsamen Grünkohl AHO Chips Rezept

1. Remove the stem and cut the leaves into smaller pieces

The thickness of the leaves should be uniform, so it's best to remove all stems. A top tip is to pluck the leaves rather than cutting them so that the leaves do not oxidise when they are separated from the stem. The size of the leaves should be roughly the size of a chip (i.e not too small, but not huge either.)

AHO Hanf Grünkohl Chips roh vegan bio

2. Rinse your kale well with water.

Before you dehydrate them make sure they are fully dry and that the water has drained off them.

AHO Hanf Grünkohl Chips waschen raw vegan superfood

3. Make your dressing

You will need the following ingredients

Hulled hemp seeds
Nutritional yeast

AHO Hanfsamen geschält Grünkohl Chips Mixer Vitamix

Put all the ingredients in a blender with a little water and then puree them into a sauce. Exactly how many of the ingredients you need depends on how much kale you have. I used the following amounts:

2 kg Kale
400 g geschälte Hanfsamen
30 g Nutritional yeast
2-3 Garlic cloves
1 Lemon
15 g Salt

AHO Hanf Grünkohl Chips Mixer Hanfsoße Vitamix

4. Pour your dressing over the kale.

Now pour the hulled hemp seeds sauce over the kale and massage it into the leaves.

AHO Hanf Grünkohl Chips Dressing einmassieren Hanfsamen

Make sure you massage the sauce in thoroughly so that the kale can absorb it. The volume of kale should reduce by about a half as it starts to soak.

AHO Hanf Grünkohl Chips Dressing einmassieren Hanfsamen geschält Deutschland lokal bio

5. Ab ins Dörrgerät

The marinated kale leaves are now ready to go into the dehydrator. Spread the leaves out evenly on the tray and set the temperature at 42°C and leave the kale for no longer than 24 hours: you don't want to dry the chips for too long since you will start to lose some of the nutrients.

AHO Hanf Grünkohl Chips Dressing einmassieren Hanfsamen Sedona Dörrgerät Dörrfolie

A tip for those who haven't got a dehydrator:

You can also use an oven: simply place the marinated kale leaves on baking trays and slide them in once the oven is at 50 ° C. Stick a wooden spoon between the door so that a slot remains open and the humidity can escape.

AHO Hanf Grünkohl Chips dörrgerät 42 grad rohkost raw rohvegan

Your hemp seed kale chips are ready!

Congratulations for making your very own superfood. With locally-grown hemp seeds and organic kale you've struck nutrient gold! Get ready to enjoy a whole load of iron, magnesium, chlorophyll and various other vitamins.

AHO Hanf Grünkohl Chips rohvegan superfood

The chips have a long shelf life and can be stored for several days in an airtight container. What a perfect snack!


  • Ich habe kein Dörrgerät zu Hause. Aber mit dem Backofen hat es auch sehr gut geklappt. Unerwartet lecker und schmeckt garnicht typisch nach Grünkohl!

    Karl Lang
  • Da ich ein Dörrgerät zu Hause habe, wollte ich dir Grünkohl Chips mal ausprobieren. Die Vorbereitung war ein bisschen langwierig, aber es hat sich total gelohnt! So lecker habe ich Grünkohl noch nicht vorher gegessen! Gerne mehr von diesen Rezepten.

    Pascal Herra

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