Jan from RTL wants to know how AHO crackers really taste

The Lions didn't like the taste

In October we were on 'the lion's den.' The lions thought our pitch was cool, but they didn't like the taste of the AHO crackers. Jan Bockemüller from RTL Nördlich was confused. How could that be? He wanted to know a little more ans so to make up his own mind about AHO, he came along to our workshop.

RTL bei AHO.BIO beim Produzieren von AHO Cracker

Jan wants to know what AHO crackers really taste like

Jan helped out at AHO for a day: he saw how we produce our crackers, put them together ourselves, write handwritten messages in our boxes and finally send off the packages. Jan's verdict on how our crackers tasted and whether he agreed with the judges on Hölle der Löwen or not, was broadcast on January 8th, 2021 at 6 p.m. on RTL.

RTL filmt AHO.BIO für Fernsehen Cracker werden abgepackt

Favourite flavour - The AHO Nature Cracker

Jan did a good job of helping out for the day, and for that he was allowed to help himself to a few of our crackers. His favourite was the nature cracker, although he said he was a big fan of the slight heat in the curry flavour. His girlfriend is gluten intolerant and was blown away by our gluten-free sprouted pasta options. Jan's overall impression was as follows: he could simply not understand how the judges didn't like the taste of AHO's products. Not only did they taste great; they also had a wonderful team behind them.

Jan von RTL trifft Jannis von AHO AHO.BIO AHO Cracker werden ökologisch versendet Fernsehbeitrag

Well, everyone has a different taste and we're very happy to have had VOX, NDR and now RTL come visit us at our small manufactory in the Weser Uplands.

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