Homemade wild garlic pesto which packs a punch! (Recipe)

Vegan spreads are the trend par excellence - whether with bread, pasta, bruschetta, vegetable sticks or of course with our AHO superfood snack. In this blog we explain to you how you can make your own delicious wild garlic pesto. Together we can conjure up huge quantities at a very affordable price.

Ingredients for the wild garlic pesto bärlauch pesto dip Rezept aufstrich vegan aho bio

  • Wild garlic (a lot, about a jute bag full!) *
  • Olive oil (around 750ml)
  • Soaked sunflower seeds**
  • Stone rock salt

Okay, that's all you'll need for ingredients.

In terms of equipment you'll need:

  • Blender
  • Mason jars

** Our lucky life hack: We live right next to the forest. This gives us the privilege of being able to collect huge amounts of wild garlic whenever we want. That's why the whole thing is so cheap to make; we don't have to pay any money for the main ingredient of the green pesto.

bärlauch sammeln Wald aho pesto vegan Wildkräuter

**Now let's get to the sunflower seeds! These beauties should be left to soak overnight in order for the protective mineral layer around them to be broken down and also so that they're nice and soft for when you start blending them. Our AHO sunflower seeds are close to our heart and we would naturally highly recommend them. The reason why we're so proud of them is because they're the highest organic quality, are grown by great farmers with whom we are in close contact and trust deeply and are packaged by us in completely plastic-free biodegradable bags.

Zubereitung des Bärlauchpestos

By now you should have all the ingredients in from of you. If not, go grab them! Then we can get to the fun part...

bärlauch Olivenöl Ursalz salz sonnenblumenkerne bärlauchpesto aho dip aufstrich cracker vegan gesund Rezept1. Preparing the ingredients

A simple but important step: Please please please wash your wild garlic thoroughly before using it, because you never know if it's come into contact with pesticide on it. If it has your body will NOT be best pleased.

You can now remove the sunflower seeds from their watery bath. Simply pour them out onto a clean surface or chopping board.

aktivierte sonnenblumenkerne eingeweicht bio Rezept sonnenblume2. Mix it, Baby!

Since we are working with large quantities, we stuff our mixer pretty full with wild garlic. We mean it. To get a lot out, you have to put a lot in. You then add the olive oil.

mixer bärlauchpesto Rezept selbstgemacht dip aufstrich vegan aho

Blend the ingredients until they form a pretty thick mixture. It's best if you have a pretty powerful blender, as this makes the whole process a lot easier and saves you from having to pre-cut and shred the garlic.

3. Add the salt and the sunflower seeds

The next step is pretty simple. Once you've thoroughly blended the wild garlic and the olive oil go ahead and add the salt and sunflower seeds.

Rezept bärlauchpesto selber machen mixer sonnenblumenkerne Ursalz

This time your mixture should become thicker and creamier-looking with blending. That's the sign that your deliciously creamy spread is almost ready for consumption!

4. Into the mason jars!

The most elaborate part is done. Nowall you need are a couple of glasses and a spoon or spatula to help get your green wild garlic pesto into the jars.

Make sure you leave a little bit of space at the top of the jars! (I'll explain why in the next step..)

grünes pesto bärlauchpesto Einmachglas Rezept vegan dip aufstrich vegan aho

Ist auf jeden Fall eine schöne Matscherei, zumindest wenn man eher tollpatschig begabt ist, wie ich. Die Gläser sehen dann nämlich so aus:

bärlauchpesto pesto verde selbstgemacht Rezept bärlauch sammeln aho vegan aufstrich dip

5. Maximise its shelf-life!

But if you were able to fill about 5 glasses with your pesto, we have to admit that even the biggest sweet tooth won't get it empty so quickly. Although we have to say that the dip with the AHO superfood snack tastes really good in the natural flavor.

Now even though we're all extremely diligent eaters, even we'd struggle to consume that amount of pesto in a short amount of time. For this reason we like to make our wild garlic dip long-lasting. How, you may ask?

Olivenöl bärlauchpesto Rezept vegan aho bärlauch aufstrich dip haltbar EinmachglasWe grab ourselves a kitchen towel and clean the rim of the glasses. Because we've left a bit of space in the jars, there's enough room for a drizzle of olive oil which is the secret to our preservation. We use it to seal our vegan, homemade spread, leaving us with a vibrantly green glass of pesto that will last us for many a meal! /span>

A dream, isn't it? But hold your horses! We're not quite there yet. The last step is by far the most important and we're about to reveal it to you.

6. Enjoying your spread!

Oh yeah baby. We wouldn't have gone into all that effort if it wasn't for this final moment of indulgence. SO worth it. The whole AHO team reaps the rewards of our delicious pesto recipe. (If everyone gets to try some, chances are nobody will be driven mad with jealousy, something that's never good for team-spirit or productivity!)

bärlauchpesto essen cracker aho vegan lachen Rezept aho superfood

A few final words:
We hope, of course, that you feel inspired and that you will soon make this delicious pesto yourself. Of course, not all of you have the opportunity to collect wild garlic. For this reason it is of course not a problem to simply buy the wild garlic.
This delicious pesto works wonderfully well as a dip for grilling, for pasta or anything else for that matter! Of course, it tastes particularly good with our triangular AHO crackers. /span>

aho cracker superfood bärlauchpesto Rezept Selbermachen dip aufstrich zutaten pesto verde Olivenöl salz Ursalz sonnenblumenkerne

You don't need any spices, condiments, or other frills to make the whole thing pop. It's a real masterpiece in and of itself. And now it’s finally time to enjoy: BON APPETITE!

*This blog entry was created with the help of Chantal Bode

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  • Einfach und unglaublich lecker! Gerne mehr Rezepte! Ich liebe Bärlauch

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