Planting trees with no garden - how to get involved wherever you are

Plant trees without your own garden - The AHO team plants trees in Germany

You don't have a garden. You live in the city. You haven't got anywhere around you where you can plant a tree.

I assure you that every person can plant trees. Just ask friends or family if they're up for it. One of them must have a garden or access to some green space, and will be grateful for the fun activity!

AHO BIO Baum pflanzen im Waldgarten nachhaltig umweltfreundlich

If you really don't have this option there are still other ways for you to plant trees. In recent years many companies have made it their business to make our world a little greener and more sustainable. One example is treedom. I became aware of this Italian company on my birthday when I received a tree as a gift myself. Since then I have given away 6 trees myself and have 4 in “my possession”.

The great thing is - besides the obvious benefit that a tree is planted -, that smallholders from the region receive training and financial support. This initiative takes place worldwide with examples including Colombia, Nepal, Cameroon and Kenya. Treedom plants trees in 16 countries. Another advantage is that, depending on the tree species, the smallholders can finance themselves from it in the long term. The resulting fruits of a fruit tree can generate additional income.

treedom baum pflanzen social local

Another plus point for treedom is that the website provides you with photos of your sapling. You will receive the exact GPS location data and can more or less follow the growth. A great thing worth supporting, especially if you don't have your own garden to plant trees in.

AHO.BIO GmbH pflanzt Bäume in Deutschland

The AHO team plants trees in Germany

In addition to global companies that plant trees all over the world, we at AHO want to remind you of the following motto: act local, think global. Here in Central Europe, too, it is extremely important that local trees are planted again.

AHO.BIO GmbH has planted trees itself and would like to motivate you to do the same with the following insights. This time around we planted a sour cherry, a yellow plum and an apple tree. Before that, the AHO team already had a walnut tree and a sweet cherry tree, thus providing the " Kronprinz zu Hannover ” with a new home.

A great many trees are also planted in southern Spain via the Armonia project. But our mission never ends and with your help we would like to do more for our planet.

AHO.BIO GmbH pflanzt Bäume in Spanien Natur draußen nachhaltig

How you can help AHO plant trees

In addition to treedom or your own newly planted tree, you can help AHO to plant even more trees. We thought about how we could make this idea as cool and transparent as possible. You could make sure that there will soon be more local trees on the 1 hectare piece of forest on which we from AHO live. A tax-free donation is possible through the non-profit association Armonia Tribe ASBL. The sum is irrelevant here - as soon as enough is raised to finance the first tree, we will inform you about it and document every step (from the tree purchase to the planting). So feel free to contact us at and we will discuss how we can plant a tree together!

*This blog entry was created with the help of Chantal Bode.

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