Easy dip recipe sunflower seeds that have been soaked overnight

AHO Cracker are perfect for dipping! In this blog you'll get a super simple recipe for soaked sunflower seeds which you can make at home.

dip sonnenblumenkerne aufstrich rezept selbstmachen roh vegan gesund zutaten aho cracker lecker

All you need are 5 ingredients to make this incredibly easy and tasty dip!


200g Sonnenblumenkerne aus Deutschland*
20g Nutritional yeast
1 Tbsp Sulfuric salt
1 tbsp Raw-herb vinegar
1 Tbsp Black cumin seeds

Sunflower seeds

Here are a few facts about our sunflower seeds:

Our locally-grown AHO sunflower seeds come from certified organic farms not too far from our manufactory. We pack all them into biodegradable, plastic free bags. That's why AHO sunflower seeds are more sustainable that the usual ones you'll find in the supermarket. Before we started AHO we couldn't find anywhere that sold sunflower seeds without plastic! That's why we took matters into our own hands and set off to find the most trustworthy german organic farmers who were ready to work with us and provide high-quality, sustainable seeds. We are in close contact with all of the farmers we work with and use no plastic at any point in our production process.

AHO sunflower seeds are the most sustainable seeds you'll find on the German market.

sonnenblumenkerne regional nachhaltig aho deutschland kerne saat gesund

Let your sunflower seeds soak

To get the best out of yoursunflower seeds leave them to soak for around 8 hours, then rinse them in the morning and evening for two days.

This process will ensure that the phyctic acid protecting the sunflower seeds is fully removed so that your body can easily absorb the valuable nutrients like magnesium, calcium and iron.

sonnenblumenkerne deutschland nachhaltig aho vegan saat regional rezept

All you need now is a high-duty blender. Then all you need to do is blend the ingredients together for around 1 minute.

zutaten rezept vegan dip kräuteressig hefeflocken aho lecker selbstgemacht

The result should be a creamy mass which you can now divide into mason jars. (Try not to eat it all before you finish!) If you want the mixture to last a bit longer in the fridge then use airtight containers and drizzle a bit of olive oil over it.

sonnenblumenkern dip aufstrich mixer rezept diy selbstmachen lecker vegan roh
Now you've got a lovely, tasty dip which you can enjoy with our crackers! We've found that this particular dip goes especially well with our Nature Crackers, since their fresh, natural taste goes well with the mild dip.

natur aho cracker aufstrich rezept lecker nachhaltig plastikfrei vegan roh lokal deutschland zutaten grün



  • Wirklich einfach, schnell & lecker. Ich habe noch etwas Wasser dazu gemacht und es als Sahne Ersatz für ein Nudelgericht genommen 👌🏼
    Wäre sicher auch ohne Wasser gegangen, aber ich wollte die Creme etwas flüssiger.
    Übrigens geht es auch mit einem Handstabmixer😉

  • Echt easy, aber erstaunlich lecker! Danke für das Rezept liebe AHO`s :)

    Anne Hahn

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