How to create your own food start-up

AHO demonstrates how to grow a business from an initial idea. In particular, a food startup. We explain exactly what this is, how we went down this path and how YOU can also found your own food startup. 

Startup definition

According to Duden, a startup is a “newly established business enterprise." But there is much more to a startup than this rather dry definition.

It is a business start-up that focuses on innovation. No hierarchies and flexible, agile working methods. Now THAT is a startup.

Getting started: all you need is one interesting and unique idea!

startup idee innovation aho cracker nachhaltigThe search term “startup ideas” is becoming increasingly popular on Google. Why? Lots of people want to found a startup, but have no innovative idea to get going with.

But that's the most important part!

The innovative idea is the CORE of a startup.

So how are you going to come across something completely new and original on Google?

We understand that brainstorming is not easy.

For inspiration, we recommend going to startup events or a looking at other successful startups in the USA. The important thing is to let yourself be inspired by things, but do not try to copy them. You should create something unique.But that's not the only challenge! You've then got to make the whole thing into a marketable product. 

Find your perfect startup team! 

startup team aho nachhaltig community network

Realising your dream on your own is possible, but it can be very difficult and -let's face it- not all that fun. As already mentioned, the startup idea is just your starting point.

A startup community or even a startup network are very helpful when it comes to starting your own company.

The more people you've got backing your product, the more know-how you're company benefits form. Idea, vision, design, marketing, production, etc. - all of this is much easier to do when you've got a good team.

Finde the perfect place to produce, plan and manage your product!

ort büro produktion logistig startup unternehmen nachhaltig aho cracker

You have a product and a team that wants to bring it to life with you. But it quickly becomes clear: this isn't something you can do from home. Therefore, you should look for a suitable location for production. It's important to take hygiene standards into account here.

Logistics also needs its space - you should have a certain amount of storage space available. Not only for your product, but also for shipping boxes and, if necessary, filling material.

Last but not least, a place that serves as an office is also extremely important. At some point, emails, phone calls and contracts will become too hectic to organise from home.But do set up your office in such a way that you and your team feel comfortable. Why have sparse office furniture? Getting stuff second hand online is easy and will make your space look fresh and chic. Remember, you'll be spending a lot of time in here so you want it to be comfortable! Create a happy and pleasant working atmosphere with a few plants and bright colours. This way the work will then be even more fun!

Go to Notar and start your own GmbH!

unternehmensgründung notar aho cracker nachhaltig startup

Okay, now things get serious. The “limited liability company” is one of the most popular corporate types in Germany. Why's that?

They make establishing a business possible for the individual; the contract is comparatively flexible and in the event of insolvency only the collar company's assets are affected - not your own savings. Furthermore, the establishment process is uncomplicated and can be done within a few days. It is important that the company name, its shares and the amount of share capital (at least € 25,000) are specified. Then it's off to the notary and the matter becomes official! Do not forget the entry in the commercial register! 

Make things official with the authorities!

amt arbeitsagentur startup aho

Unfortunately, the official visits cannot be avoided. It's all part of starting a business. There's also the employment agency, building authority, health department, trade office and tax office to sort out. Sounds overwhelming, but luckily it is an just an initial hurdle that can be easily overcome.

Build a social media presence!

social media instagram blog aho startup newsletter aho

Great, you've now officially started your own business! There's just one problem: nobody's heard of you. So make the most of the internet to draw attention to yourself on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. Use appropriate hashtags and appealing images.

Write newsletters and blog posts. This increases the online presence of your company and gives your potential customers added value.

Open an online shop, get sales going and realise your dream!

onlineshop shopify aho cracker startup

This is the point where things really get started. Your startup goes online.

Create a user-friendly online shop and market your food innovation there. Try to use tools that are as flexible and compatible as possible that will make your work life easier.

Your startup website should show clearly and understandably why your product improves the life of your customer.

The shop is there, the first orders are coming in, the first packages are being packed and sent. Logistics get moving and your startup gets rolling. I wish you luck!

* This blog entry was created with the help of Chantal Bode.

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