Planting Trees with AHO

1 AHO = 1 TREE: Planting trees with AHO and Eden projects

Where do we plant our trees?

For every AHO product you buy, we plant a tree in one of 8 different countries worldwide. The Eden Reforestation Project operates in the following countries: Honduras, Nicaragua, Haiti, Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar, Nepal and Indonesia.

Trees have been planted!


Climate Change




Animal Protection


Fair Labour

Positive effects of the trees you plant

Sustainable reforestation of native trees in deforested areas

Together with locals and fairly-paid workers, Eden Reforestation works to re-grow forests in areas of mass deforestation. Deforestation causes: soil erosion, water supply shortages and unequal working conditions for labourers, which force many of them to relocate to cities in the search for better pay. Eden Reforestation aims to combat these negative effects of deforestation through its reforestation programmes which both restore forests and provide fairly-paid work for local inhabitants.

Fair wages for local workers

Mass migration of local workers into cities is prevented by providing them with fairly paid job opportunities on forest conservation projects. Planting new trees means that the soil can gradually become fertile again. The roots of the trees help to store water in the ground which prevents it from becoming dry. This means it can be used for sustainable agriculture, which would provide stable pay and employment for the local community. Life on the land would once again become an attractive option for the people living there and would thus prevent future mass migration into cities.

Restored habitats for endangered species

Animals can return to habitats which previously existed, but were destroyed through deforestation. This means that species like the Madagascan lemur which are currently endangered will be able to find secure habitats in which to regrow their population. Eden Reforestation's work on reforestation all over the world protects and encourages species to thrive.

An end to soil erosion

Trees create much needed shadows on the dry earth which helps to keep it cool and thus stops it from drying out. The roots of planted trees also store water, meaning that in the long term the dried ground can gradually be restored and become fertile again.

Flooding prevented

Trees have roots which keep the soil loose, meaning that water can easily seep through. Through heavy rainfall the water content in the earth can gradually be restored and maintained by the tree roots, which act as a means of storage. This in turn protects the homes of local inhabitants, because there is a much lower risk of flooding.

Fertile land for agriculture

Trees help to strengthen the soil and to vitalise it. They provide shade which protects the earth from direct exposure to the sun. The roots keep the soil loose and keep water in the earth, which will enable sustainable agriculture in the future. In optimal cases the land is fertile enough to grow fruit trees which means sustainable longer term business for locals.

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