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RTL – A day at AHO

RTL st AHO's food startup

Date: 08.01.2021
Channel: RTL Nord
Name of the show: It's Jan's turn
Title: A day at AHO
Description: After work snack with a difference - the small start-up from a small villiage near Bad Münder, a company would like to offer an alternative to classic snacks like chips and crisps: they want to make vegan crackers. I visited the young entrepreneurs at their manufactory- corona conforming- and helped out for a day. Tune in and see for yourself whether the so-called regional superfood tastes as good as it looks; how the founders came up with the idea and what wonderful things you would be doing for the planet by purchasing a pack.

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NDR – Superfood crackers made from sprouted grains

NDR ARD Fernsehen Beitrag über AHO BIO Startup Superfood Cracker aus Sprossen

Date: 29.12.2020
Channel: ARD / NDR
Name of the show: DAS! with Dr. Franziska Rubin
Title: Superfood Cracker made from sprouted grains
Description: Superfood is not necessarily a modern invention. Knowledge about good, sustainable and healthy nutrition is age-old. Two young entrepreneurs from Lower Saxony: Jannis Birth and Alexander Wies, have rediscovered and revitalised an ancient bread recipe. They now produce 12,000 bags of crackers every month, packing each one lovingly by hand. All ingredients are organic and from the region. What turns the snack into a superfood in the grain, or rather, it's state: sprouted.

Link to the AHO episode on ARD

Link to the broadcast of DAS!

VOX – Höhle der Löwen with AHO.BIO

AHO BIO Alex und Jannis bei Höhle der Löwen auf VOX Pitch TV Now

Date: 19.10.2020
Channel: VOX
Name of the show: Höhle der Löwen
Title: DHDL Series 8 Episode 8 with: "AHO.BIO" from Bad Münder
Image rights
: Die Höhle der Löwen, VOX. Fotocredit: TVNOW / Bernd-Michael Maurer.
Description: Jannis Birth and Alexander Wies make crackers out of sprouted grains. In Latin America, Jannis stumbled across a 2,000 year old sprout bread recipe - that's how he came up with the idea for "AHO BIO". According to them, the crackers made from ancient grains are the new superfood. A 'Lion' judge could buy 15% of the shares for 75,000 euros. Will the AHO founders get an offer?

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DEWEZET – Superfood & Plastic-free

dewezet AHO BIO Food Startup Raw Vegan Cracker hameln

Date: 04.09.2020
Channel: DEWEZET
Title: Superfood & plastic-free: Two young start-ups from the district are committed to sustainability

The DEWEZET AHO clip on Youtube

Podcasts and radio programmes featuring AHO

Doktor Shop – AHO & Höhle der Löwen: here's how AHO won themselves a spot on the popular TV show

Date: 08.02.2021
Podcast: Doktor Shop Podcast
Description: During my first visit to DOKTOR SHOP in 2021 I had a special guest pay me a visit: Jannis Birth - founder of the most sustainable food startup Jannis reports in this episode: span> how he made it into the lion's den with AHO just a few months after it was founded and explains how you can do it too.Jannis also tells us the exciting journey of his company AHO and how it came about that they hired 11 employees within 10 months. All of this in Part 1 of this series of interviews. In part 2 I will talk to Jannis about how you can optimise your shop and thus achieve a conversion rate of over 5% throughout.

To the Doktor Shop podcast with AHO on Spotify

Vegan Athletes – with AHO.BIO backstage at Höhle der Löwen

Date: 18.10.2020
Podcast: Vegan Podcast
Description: The most sustainable startup in the world - Aho Bio - is at the lion's den and are doing incredible things. Want to hear how such a deal comes about and what really happens behind the scenes? Want to know why such a big TV show selects such startups and why Aho Bio is the most sustainable startup in the world? Then tune in to this episode. Within the next few episodes you will get an introduction to the product and the company.

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Radio Aktiv with AHO

Radio Aktiv Hameln AHO BIO Food Startup

Datum: 17.10.2020
Channel: Radio Aktiv
AHO bei Radio Aktiv

Smile and Shine – AHO Food Start-Up, Lokale Superfoods und Rohkost Cracke‪r

Date: 14.08.2020
Podcast: Smile and Shine
The young food startup AHO makes local superfoods and pays attention to sustainability from start to finish. AHO has specialised in raw vegan crackers made from spelled sprouts and created a new product from an ancient recipe. This podcast is about why sprouts made from ancient grains are so good for health. We talk about the following topics: Holistic concept at AHO Work-Life Balance & amp; New Work Superfoods & amp; Microgreens Local superfoods Why sustainability, closeness to nature and regionality are important values ​​Food concept: Raw food quality (42 ° C dried) The meaning of AHO What does phytic acid do and what is it good for? Buckwheat seedlings for beginners, histamine and sourdough. Nutrients in seedlings, sweet lupins as a good source of protein and why gluten is not the same everywhere.

Zum Smile and Shine Podcast mit AHO

Veggie Radio – Tagesthema AHO BIO

AHO BIO Veggie Radio

Date: 31.01.2020
Radio channel: Veggie Radio
Description : Eine Super Alternative zu klassischem Brot sind Rohkostcräcker. Leider doch etwas aufwändig in der Herstellung. Jetzt gibt es aber ein kleines Unternehmen die uns diese Arbeit abnehmen. AHO-Bio öffnet am 2.2.20 seinen Online Shop. Wir durften vorher schon mal probieren. Über die Cräcker und die Firma haben wir mit Jannis Birth von AHO-Bio gesprochen.

AHO im Veggie Radio

Blogbeiträge über AHO

Fit for Fun – Nachhaltigstes Startup Deutschlands

Fit For Fun AHO Nachhaligstes Startup Deutschlands Bewertung

Date: 20.10.2020
Author: Lars Seils und Andra Schmidt (Ernährungswissenschaftlerin)
Title: Most sustainable startup in Germany: no deal for AHO.BIO in "Die Höhle der Löwen"
Description: Organic, vegan, raw, handmade, plastic-free - this is how the startup "AHO.Bio" from Lower Saxony advertises. Can the taste keep up with the promise? FIT FOR FUN tested the organic crackers.

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Desired – AHO-Cracker aus „Die Höhle der Löwen“: So schmecken die Cracker wirklich

desired aho cracker aus die höhle der löwen so schmecken die cracker wirklich roh vegan superfood

Date: 20.10.2020
Author: Nina Röller
Title: AHO-Cracker from „Die Höhle der Löwen“: what the crackers really taste like
Description: Many plant-based foods score high when it comes to nutritional value. Unfortunately, these nutrients often get destroyed by overheating in cooking. Jannis Birth (29) and Alexander Wies (30) therefore came up with the idea of ​​developing raw food snacks: The AHO crackers are not only vegan, gluten-free and gently dried, but also consist exclusively of regional superfoods such as spelled sprouts and linseed - and all of that in plastic-free packaging! The AHO crackers were not able to convince the judges of “Die Höhle der Löwen”, but we tested the sprout snacks ourselves and are ready to give you our verdict.

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German startups – Yucona, AHO.BIO, NUI Cosmetics, Twentyless, Hyconnect appear before the Löwen #DHDL

Deutsche Startups AHO BIO Pitch bei DHDL Höhle der Löwen VOX

Date: 19.10.2020
Author: ds-Team
Title: Yucona, AHO.BIO, NUI Cosmetics, Twentyless, Hyconnect treten vor die Löwen #DHDL
Description: Local superfood – that is the basic idea of ​​Jannis Birth (29) and Alexander Wies (30). During a trip of almost three years together, the two friends spent two years on a volcanic island in the middle of a freshwater lake in Latin America, where they worked on an organic plantation. While studying philosophy at a distance, Jannis stumbled across a 2000 year old recipe - a sun-dried flat bread made from grain sprouts. They tried this recipe on site and continued to improve the recipe. Back in Germany they founded their own company AHO.BIO - with local ingredients for a local superfood. The basis for their crackers is always an old type of grain as well as flax seeds and sunflower seeds from Germany and, depending on the taste, refined with spices. The cereal porridge is gently dried at 42 degrees for two days, so that all nutrients and enzymes are retained. AHO.BIO is 100 percent organic and vegan, is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, omega 3 fatty acids and the packaging is compostable. Alexander and Jannis need 75,000 euros to expand their company and offer the Löwen 15 percent of the company's shares.

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t3n – Behind the scenes at DHDL: the Aho-Bio founders report

t3n AHO BIO Hinter den Kulissen DHDL Gründer Talk

Date: 20.10.2020
Author: Vicky Isabelle Bargel
Title: Behind the scenes at DHDL: the Aho-Bio founders report
Description: The founders of Aho-Bio were in the finale of the eighth season of "The Lions' Den". There was no deal. The founders report on what it was like behind the scenes and whether the experience was worth it.

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Newspaper articles about AHO

Süntelblatt – Local superfood: produced in Flegessen

Süntelblatt Arbeitsplätze in Flegessen, Hasperde / Klein Süntel AHO BIO Startup

Date: 10.01.2021
Newspaper: Süntelblatt
Journalist: Beatrix Nehmann
Title: Work opportunities in Flegessen, Hasperde & Klein Süntel
Description: Petra Hammelmann is the first new employee at the start-up company AHO. Petra explains: “I was very lucky to start work at an employer who has a great working atmosphere and where every employee is deployed flexibly and thus knows about all work processes”. AHO hired a total of eight new employees this year, which is very remarkable for a company in Flegessen that has only existed for a very short time. Commitment, flexibility, communication and personal responsibility are very important here. That also impressed Ines Bubolz, another new employee. She proudly speaks of the fact that she has experienced such an appreciative and harmonious cooperation with her new employer that she has never known before.

DEWEZET – "Aho Bio": No deal, but a turnover of 100,000 euros in one evening

DEWEZET AHO BIO DEAL DHDL Höhle der Löwen AHO Cracker Superfood Startup Weserbergland

Date: 26.10.2020
Newspaper: DEWEZET
Journalist: Johanna Lindermann
Title: Most sustainable startup in Germany: no deal for AHO.BIO in "Die Höhle der Löwen"
Description: One package after the other is being packed in Flegessen as AHO try to keep up with the ever increasing orders. With each delivery they note how many trees are planted through their 1 pack = 1 tree scheme.

DEWEZET Artikel lesen

NDZ – "Aho Bio" from Flegessen on "Die Höhle der Löwen"

NDZ AHO bio DHDL Höhle der Löwen Pitch Zeitung Neue Deister Zeitung

Date: 13.10.2020
Newspaper: NDZ
Journalist: Johanna Lindermann
Title: "Aho Bio" from Flegessen on "Die Höhle der Löwen"
Description: COLOGNE. 75,000 euros investment for 15 percent of the shares in their company - that is what Jannis Birth and Alexander Wies hoped for when they traveled from Flegessen to “Die Höhle der Löwen”. Could they convince investors with their vegan crackers? The resolution is on the TV show on October 19th.

NDZ Artikel lesen

Hallo Wochenende – Vegan, local, sustainable: a startup from Flegessen produces a healthy alternative to chips from ancient grains.

Hallo Wochenende Zeitung AHO Vegan lokal Nachaltig Urgetreide Cracker Superfood Zeitung Startup

Date: 08.02.2020
Newspaper: Hallo Wochenende
Journalist: Sebastian Wilk
Title: Vegan, local, sustainable
Description: Superfood from Flegessen: Young team relies on healthy sprout crackers / There are currently three flavour options

Read Hallo Wochenende

Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung – Vegan organic start-up founded in Flegessen

Veganes Bio Startup in Flegessen gegründet AHO BIO Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung HAZ

Date: 24.01.2020
Newspaper: Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung (HAZ)
Journalist: Johanna Lindermann
Title: Vegan organic start-up founded in Flegessen
Description: "Nobody creates small companies in rural areas anymore, it would be nice if we can do that," says Jannis Birth. This is exactly what the 29-year-old has now dared to do with friends: With Aho, you founded a food start-up in Flegessen - the special thing about it: Your products are vegan, organic, without preservatives and consist of regional products and sprouted ancient grain.

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Süntelblatt – Local superfood: produced in Flegessen

Süntelblatt Lokales Superfood Flegessen AHO BIO

Date: 10.01.2020
Newspaper: Süntelblatt
Title: Local superfood – produced in Flegessen
Description: Have you heard? A new food company has started up in Flegessen with the idea of ​​producing and selling regional superfoods. The young team behind AHO comes from Klein Süntel and only moved to Villa Frohsinn a year ago. Alexander Wies, Jannis Birth, Laura Guzmán and Johann Schröder have been making homemade crackers from sprouted spelt grains for 3 years now. They were inspired by a long tradition from the Mediterranean region, in which sprouted cereal porridge was dried in the sun to make crispy flat bread - the original form of bread, so to speak.

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Newspaper articles about AHO

Vegan Magazin Winter 20/21

Date: 01.11.2020
Newspaper: Vegan Magazin
Title: Local superfoods
Description: AHO is a young food startup where everything is made organic, vegan and plastic-free. The AHO team produces handmade raw vegan crackers from spelled sprouts and local basic ingredients. There are also local superfoods in the SHop, such as German hemp seeds, golden flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and pasta made from buckwheat sprouts or spelled sprouts. But that's not all. And a tree is planted for every pack sold. Class!

Vegan World 06/2020

Vegan World

Date: 01.06.2020
Newspaper: Vegan World
Title: Fine and crunchy
Description: Greasy fingers after a chip orgy in front of the TV? An uncomfortable experience for everyone involved. If the remote control could speak, it would probably say, "Ew, gross!" With the curry crackers from AHO, these awkward episodes are over. The crackers contain neither sugar nor unhealthy fats. Instead, spelt grain, flaxseed, turmeric, chilli, and black pepper. So you get a spicy snack the next movie night that is still healthy at the same time. Then it's regional, raw, organic and vegan! By the way, you can dip the curry crackers in your favorite salsa or snack on them. The plastic-free pack contains 100g of crackers and costs around € 5.

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