About Us

AHO produces raw vegan superfoods from locally grown sprouted grains.

The Dream

Our dream is to create a decentralised, biological, plastic-free and thereby resource-saving means of food production. We make raw vegan crackers from the sprouted form of an ancient German grain, which is then dehydrated at 42°C, thereby preserving all nutrients which are otherwise lost in baking. In addition, we aim to develop a wider range of products in line with our values: creating food which is healthy, tastes good and is good for the environment.

Our Mission

Creating healthy and tasty products is just one part of our mission. Besides not using flour or baking our products at high temperatures in which nutrients are lost, we place huge emphasis on sustainability and it is our aim to do away with plastic waste. So AHO products aren’t just good for us; they save and protect the planet too. Essentially, our mission is to produce food which is wholesome in every aspect of the word: healthy for us and sustainable for the planet.

Future Aspirations

AHO wants to make food production sustainable. We are true to our values: everything is biological, vegan and plastic free. AHO prides itself on being among the most eco-conscious start-ups in Germany and we are planning to continue creating new, sustainable and -of course- nutritious food products. As manufacturers we can create a sustainable world which is fit for future generations, and plant a few trees while we’re at it!

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The AHO Team

We all live together in a forest-house situated in a 'visionary village', as we call it. AHO is our idealistic joint project and stands for all values ​​that we share with one another.  



Jannis develops the recipes, takes care of all content and marketing business and is the social media face of our project.


Laura is the heart and soul of AHO. She is responsible for quality control and also deals with all things copywriting.


Alex is the brains behind AHO. He designs the cut-out models for the 3D printer and is incredibly good at process optimisation.


Johann is our designer. He's the one who makes the labels, packaging, online store and social media pages look sleek and snazzy! He's also the creative force behind our AHO logo.


Chanti is the one who brings our blog to life; writing articles, sharing incredible recipes, and when she's not doing that she's out looking for new retail partners!


Daniel takes care of the logistics and production. He's our minister of care. He's a stickler for accuracy and quality and our team loves him for it!



Nora kümmert sich um die Kunden, verschickt Pakete, sorgt für leckere Food Fotos für AHO und schreibt Blogartikel.



Petra steckt mit ihrer guten Laune jeden an, der um sie herum arbeitet und stellt mit großem Spaß die AHO Produkte her.



Ines ist mit ihrer fürsorglichen Art immer zur Stelle. Sie kümmert sich um die Ordnung und die gute Laune.



Sophia kümmert sich um den Kontakt zu unseren B2B Kunden und verschickt Pakete mit lieber Nachricht auch an dich.



Kathi ist ausgebildete Fotografin und hat ein Auge für das Visuelle. Deine Paket werde auch von Kathi verschickt.



Franziska sorgt für Ordnung und Harmonie auch in großen Produktionen. Sie prüft außerdem unsere Texte.



Robert ist als Musiker unser DJ und sorgt sich um die Feel-Good-Musik. Er produziert deine AHO Produkte.

How AHO began


While completing his sports science studies in 2010, Jannis was on the search for the best way to eat optimally. After trying out many different nutritional trends for himself, he came to discover germinated seeds and cereals and decided to specialise the growth of young, budding plants. Far too often the concepts “healthy” and “tasty” are far removed from each other. That's why Jannis decided to dedicate his research to finding a way to make grain sprouts look appetising and taste great.

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Since 2018 and after increased inquiries from friends and acquaintances, the idea of ​​producing the crackers in a simple design for more people than just the inner circle was born. By establishing new recipes and combining the most varied of spices, the future of food can finally benefit from the rich treasure of the past and the symbiosis of "healthy" and "delicious" succeeded.


At the start of 2020 a dream of Jannis and his best friend Alexander Wies' came into being: they developed AHO.BIO GmbH.
Soon they were developing and producing several different sustainable, organic, German-grown products such as the organic hemp seeds and were packaging them in biodegradable, plastic-free bags.

If you want to get to know Jannis a little better you can send him an email at jannis.birth@aho.bio or follow @ aho.bio on Instagram. There you'll find Jannis' various health-related posts and stories about his own experience in health and fitness; the production of sprouted grains, and how he collects wild herbs. In short, you'll get to see what goes on behind the scenes at AHO!

What do we stand for?

Local Superfoods

Superfoods are essentially an explosion of essential vitamins and minerals. AHO produces raw vegan superfoods from locally grown sprouted grains. That way our products are sustainable and healthy.

Plastic free for life

AHO.BIO GmbH only uses exclusively plastic-free packaging. From start to finish we want to avoid plastic and offer compostable alternatives.

Think global. Act local.

AHO can strengthen local economic cycles. We need more locally-based startups to cater for long-term sustainability and to keep the world green and clean for future generations.

1 AHO = 1 TREE

For every package sold, we plant a tree in economically weak regions of the world with our partner Eden Projects.

Plant a tree

Trees provide shade, nourishment, fresh air and they store water. With AHO you plant trees with every one of your orders.

Know your local producers

AHO's local superfoods are grown by regional organic farmers in Germany. Keeping close contact with the producers is very important to us.

Hand-made with love

All AHO crackers are hand-crafted in our manufactory. This way we can guarantee the highest quality our ancient sprouted-grain crackers.


At AHO we never heat any of our ingredients above the temperature of 42 degrees: we want to preserve the valuable vitamins, nutrients and enzymes in our high-quality organic products.